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The staff of Books Again is all-volunteers, and all are members of Friends of the Library.

Volunteers perform a number of different jobs, including serving as Day Manager, working the cash register, shelving books that have been priced, or sorting and pricing newly donated books and other items in the Work Room. A volunteer may also adopt a particular subject area and assume responsibility for decisions about what to keep, what to discard, when and what to put on sale, while keeping the shelves neat and tidy. One person may perform several different roles during the course of a work day or over a period of time.

Currently, thirty-nine regular volunteers staff Books Again during the week, with a few part-timers, who donate nearly 650 hours of their time to Books Again each month.

This group comes from a wide variety of educational and occupational backgrounds and life-experiences. There are retirees and still active workers. There is one retired dietitian, a retired minister, two retired nurses, four PhD’s who are former college faculty or administrators, a retired university librarian, a computer geek, a retired human resource manager with the City of Pueblo, a retired engineer with the City of Chicago, two who had their own businesses, a number of retired teachers and school administrators, and several who are still working, one as a legal secretary, another who owns her own consulting business, and yet another who is a cook.

If interested in learning more about volunteer opportunities at Books Again, complete the Application Form and either mail it to or drop it off at Books Again, 622 S. Union Ave, Pueblo, CO 81004.