Volunteer Handiwork: BA Volunteers perform a wide range of jobs that includes cashiering, bookkeeping, and purchasing supplies for the store; training new volunteers; accepting and sorting donations; dating and pricing books; shelving fiction and non-fiction in the store; managing fiction by author and/or non-fiction by subjects and topics, such as architecture, biography, mathematics, and so forth; repairing damaged books; recycling books; helping customers by phone or in-person with matters such as determining whether a specific title is available in the store; giving new customers a tour of the store, highlighting the organization of fiction and non-fiction, pricing, and special sales; making gift items, such as turned wooden jewelry and vases that, when sold, provides income to the store; contributing books to neighborhood libraries and other non-profits; preparing for major sales, such as Books-by-the-Bag (BBB) and Friends Half-Price sales; donating books to special children's events, such as the State Fair Kids Day Parade; maintaining the BA website and Facebook page; conceiving of and developing projects, such as the Annex, that enhance the processing, display, and sale of books; and so forth.

Volunteer Hours: In the table below, BA Volunteers are rank-ordered from low to high, based on the number of hours worked in 2020.

  • Volunteers who worked less than 100 hours:Julie Wands; Ginger Kelsey; Val Ledbetter; Ronnie Cowen; Kenna Lawson; Betty Shapiro; Michael Voute; Virginia Madrill; Mary Wagner; Priscilla Neilson; Patricia Swatek; Beth Bryant; Becky Staley; David Hatton; Mario Aguilera; Caroline Parsley; Ray Serena; Pam Reeves; Shirley Swanson; Gen Poor; Kathy Alveraz; Jerry Ledbetter; Bill Arnot; Betty Armijo; Ev Wertenberger; Cheryl Haas; Jan Hoover
  • Volunteers who worked 100-199 hours: Roy Miltner; Donna Levine; Laura Mae Smith; Jane Milne; Don Bastian; Ron Wasil; Bea Jones; Lois Pfost; Mary Simmons; Audrey Quick; Scott Ross; Ilene Wright; Pat Rurup; David Kochis; Harry Rurup
  • Volunteers who worked 200-299 hours: Don Pfost; Teresa Terriault; Jim Stuart; Eileen Arnot
  • Volunteers who worked 300 or more hours: Marvin Jones; Claire Cooper
  • There were 49 Volunteers in 2020 who worked a grand total of 4,959.50 hours.